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HAHAHAGA I waist your time again with another meme XD

Tagged by :iconanthonycoleruth:

What's your type of arsenal?
[ ] Melee, I like to take things up close.
[ ] Ranged, I take things at a distance.
[ ] Magic, I love the Arcane arts.
[X] Vary, I do what I can to survive. (Depending on the situation and who I am playing as. )

What do you do when it comes to inventory?
[ ] Conservative, I save space.
[ ] Modest, I take what I can.
[X] Greedy, Everything's mine! (I need the money)

What kinds of difficulty do you play on?
[ ] Easy ones, I play for the storyline.
[x] Medium-like, I want a good experience.
[ ] Hard ones, I like challenges.

What's your stance on killing?
[ ] I kill when I have to to survive.
[ ] I kill those who strike first.
[X] Dead bodies trail behind me. (Piles and piles)

How do you begin the assault?
[X] Up close. I want to take them out as soon as possible. ( I has no afraid :iconimadplz:)
[ ] Rogue. Take them down slowly in the shadows without risk of me dying.

[ ] Vary. As long as they die, I don't care.

How do you take adventure?
[X] Widespread, I like to explore the world around me. (So much beauty)
[ ] Linear, I try not to get off the track.
[ ] Vary, I just want to play the game. 

Where do you normally get your arsenal?
[ ] Scavenge it. Alot of my enemies have nice weapons.
[ ] Purchase it. I have money to spare.
[ ] Create it. It'll have more sentimental value.
[X] Vary. I don't care as long as it does damage. (Mostly scavenged, then created and rarely bought)

What's the most important item to you?
[X] Weaponry.
[X] Armoury.
[X] Money. 
[X] Any kind of aid.

Your destination is on top of a mountain. How do you get there?
[ ] Find an alternate path.
[x] Jump up the rocks. (No mountain can hold me back!)
[ ] Defy the laws of physics with a horse.
[ ] Ignore it and skip to something else.

What do you do when you kill someone?
[ ] Skip them and go onward.
[x] See what they have in their inventory.
[ ] Anything else.

You're dying. What do you do?
[x] Drink potions.
[ ] Cast a healing spell.
[ ] Anything else.
[ ] Don't heal at all.

What is the first thing you do when you enter a town?
[ ] Look for a job.
[ ] Restock on supplies.
[ ] Kill anything that moves.
[x] Sell your junk.
[ ] Get some new equipment.
[ ] Simply leave.

Dragon comes. What do?
[ ] Ragequit
[ ] Dragonrend
[ ] Bow and Arrow 
[ ] Run away
[ ] Cast Spells
[X] Wait till it lands (And yell at it XD)
[ ] Hide in the nearest shelter

By the order of the Jarl, stop right there!
[ ] "I'd rather die than go to prison!"
[x] Pay off your bounty.
[ ] Submit and go to jail.
[ ] You're with the Guild.

What race do you prefer?
[ ] High Elves.
[ ] Argonians.
[ ] Wood Elves.
[ ] Breton.
[X] Dark Elves.
[ ] Imperial.
[ ] Khajiit.
[ ] Nord.
[ ] Orc.
[X] Redguard.

Finally, tag someone with this.
[ ] Anyone who views.
[ ] People specified here.
[ ] No one.
New Option: [x] anyone who wants to do this.
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