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Fly Zap by Flajingman
Fly Zap
Cassie might of gone a bit far with this one, but Anna will go way farer. No one messes with her tooth brush or hair for that matter.
Serious how did she not see that thing?

Crabby Birthday by Flajingman
Crabby Birthday
Happy Birthday to a cool dude, :icontimmy22222001: :party:
With his oc Whyte.

Hope your b-day is going great, and I hope Anna doesn't try to eat all of your cake.
God Damnit Anna Neko Emoji-15 (Angry) [V1] 
Revenge I Guess by Flajingman
Revenge I Guess
Took a break from a paper to do this.

Anna may not be able to physically beat Cassie, but she still can post embarrassing photos of her on the internet. Of course Cassie is not gonna let this one down not by a land slide. Anna better watch herself or at least find a good hiding spot.

these two belong to me
Fly Wrap by Flajingman
Fly Wrap
Looks like Cassie had enough of Anna's mouth. a some what sequel of this…
Anna will get their revenge soon. how is that little tape holding her weight anyway?

anna and cassie belong to me
Meat Salesman by Flajingman
Meat Salesman
Decide to make another pic based on a dream I had awhile ago.
It starts out with a detective visiting a family of a missing child for questioning when this creepy guy dives up into town to show off his new meat product called sweet meat. the meat becomes insanely popular with the locals and the salesman sets up shop in the town. he evens opens up a summer camp for kids out side of town. The detective feels that the salesman is up to something no good and eventually finds out the sweet meat is actually grinded up children flesh and the summer camp is a slaughterhouse. he confronts the salesman in his house (which is a killer fun house btw) but fails to catch the creeper. the salesman leaves and some of the children are returned to their families. oh also the salesman can spit acid, that happens some where in the dream :I

Who the FUCK lets a guy who looks like a damn ventriloquist dummy who sales a "mystery" meat not only to watch after their kids but let them go to a summer camp that they never seen before.

had to write this twice because my laptop decided it was a good idea to refresh the page DX
Been meaning to replace the last journal, for months now but never got around doing it. well until right now.

Not too much happen these past months. I got a new boss who is nice, went to a wedding I actually enjoy very much, and I got the new super smash bros :D

Right now I'm feeling a little blue, been having a bad couple of days, and stress of school. this will probably past soon.

That's it for those who actually look at this.
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